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Musik spezial
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1. AC/DC Code Red
2. Smashed Gladys Bump in the night
3. Nitroville Danger Zone
4. Alex Harvey Delilah
5. Cats in Space Revolution
6. Thunder Destruction
7. Thunder The Smoking gun
8. Jakob Mind Rock'n'Roll got me all messed up
9. Black Ink River When I'm gone
10. Dead Dirty Dinosaurs Holding back
11. The Mercy Kills Blackout
12. Deep Purple Into the Fire (live 1970)
13. Heavy Feather Love will come easy
14. Deep Purple Never Before
15. Eric Cohen Nach dem Sturm
16. Ego kill Talent In your dreams tonight
17. The Hawkins Fisherman Blues
18. Manfred Mann's Earth Band Cloudy Eyes
19. Suzi Quatro Can the can
20. Kiss Outta this world
21. AC/DC Night Prowler