Musik spezial

Musik spezial
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Ulver Crack Bug
2. Ulver Bergtatt: Chapter 5 - Into The Field Chambers
3. Alexander Rishaug A little wiser than the monkey, much more wiser than seven men (Themes from William Blake)
4. Ulver Nowhere/Catastrophe (Perdition City
5. Ulver Theme 9 (Lycanthropen Themes)
6. Ulver Operator (Blood Inside)
7. Ulver Like Music (Shadows of the Sun)
8. Ulver Norvegian Gothic (War of the Roses)
9. Ulver I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night (Childhood´s End, orig. by Gandalf)
10. Ulver Messe VI.X. Mother of Mercy
11. Sunn O))) & Ulver Eternal Return
12. Ulver Glammer Hammer (Atgclvlsscap)
13. Ulver Coming Home (The Assassination of Julius Caesar)
14. Ulver The Power Of Love, orig by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Sic transit gloria Mundi EP)