Musik spezial

Musik spezial
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1. Rory Gallagher Bulfrog Blues
2. Taste Pardon me mister
3. Taste Blister on the moon
4. Taste Born on the wrong side of time
5. Taste It's happened before, it'll happen again
6. Taste I'm moving on
7. Taste What's going on
8. Taste If I don't sing, I'll cry
9. Taste If the day was any longer
10. Taste Eat my words
11. Taste Sugar Mama (live at Isle of Wight)
12. Taste Sinnerboy (live at Isle of Wight)
13. Rory Gallagher For the last time
14. Rory Gallagher I'm not surprised
15. Rory Gallagher Can't believe it's true
16. Rory Gallagher In your town
17. Rory Gallagher Maybe I will
18. Rory Gallagher Crest of a wave
19. Rory Gallagher Messin' with the Kid (live in Europe)